The Damariscotta River is the best place in Maine to grow oysters due to the algae rich waters and swift currents. The Whaleback Shell Middens are the largest in North America and a testament to the historic abundance of the resource. Johns River actually taste cleaner, but they grow faster in the Damariscotta. I should know since I have oysters in both rivers, and blind taste tests demonstrate that fact. The DR produces 80% of Mainers oysters seasonally!
— Dave Cheney
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Dave, why did you decide to start an oyster farm?


I began digging clams at age 12 , I found Belons in Fitch Cove and talked Mike Farrin into buying them in South Bristol in 1987. After lobstering for 16 years I bought oyster seed when clam digging declined. I began full time oystering in 2012.

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Damariscotta River Raw Bar

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