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Taste Maine’s Future Is Committed To:

  • Bringing vested stakeholders together to build an amplified market “story”
  • Identifying sales channels opportunities that have not been maximized
  • Creating a funding model of sponsorship and ticket sales that sustains a consistent engagement between producers and buyers


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    Taste Maine’s Future Mission: Grow the Maine food economy by unifying the 10 major food regions of Maine.  Our goal is to expand the sales of each region’s unique products by building sales channels outside our state.

    The New Marketplace: State and private resources historically are used to fund operations and educational developmental programs. Our state resources dedicated to sales channel development are usually more limited.

    A highly competitive food & beverage business requires quick and nimble on-the-ground forces to recognize sales channel shifts and create opportunities. Taste Maine’s Future was designed to help Maine’s food/beverage producers increase sales with new funding resources.  These resources are then committed to creating experiential events which build relationships with new buyers and elevate the Maine food brand.


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      Taste Maine’s Future Execution Platform:  Taste Maine’s Future combines the education/celebration events with the media impact of storytelling.  Our stories will focus on interesting characters and the diligence and care they demonstrate in cultivating and delivering their food products to market.  


      Key Strategies Include:

      • Market a Maine Food Brand – Prolific and consistent showcases of Maine’s food culture will drive product sales and tourism for Maine.  It will also elevate the Maine food brand.
      • Import Culinary Influence – Chefs, buyers, and culinary mentors are hosted at Taste Maine's Future events in 10 food and beverage regions of Maine.  
      • Export the Maine Food/Beverage Story Our farmers, fishermen, and producers are funded by the in-state Taste Maine's Future events to travel to key markets and out-of-state events to build demand for their products. 

      So, do you love our Maine Food Culture?  Do you want help it grow?

      You can help by…

      • Buying a ticket to Damariscotta Oyster Celebration and send an invite to your friends  – eat amazing food meet the people that make it happen!
      • Visiting an oyster bar and asking for Damariscotta or Maine Oysters… mention your favorite ones!
      • Geting your Damariscotta Oyster Passport stamped at all participating area restaurants – win free stuff!

      Get a taste of how we are capturing stories by meeting our Damariscotta oyster farmers:

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